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Liposuction (fat removal) is the process of removing stubborn body fat from the body, which is of sufficient weight and does not go away despite doing sports. It can not be used for weight loss, the main goal is to shape the body.

It is used in the abdomen, waist, legs, arms, jowl areas. Liposuction methods vary from classical fat removal to the use of different devices. Which method will be used depends on what you are suitable for after your doctor has examined you.

Sports provide tightening of the areas where fat is removed and to reach the desired shape faster.

The duration of liposuction surgeries varies according to the region or regions. It usually ranges from 1 to 2.5 hours. It is done under general anaesthesia. You will stay in the hospital for 1 day. A corset is used for 4-6 weeks after the surgery. Normal life is returned after 2-3 days. Light sports like Pilates after 2 weeks, heavy sports such as fitness etc. After 4 weeks. The most beneficial sport after liposuction is walking.

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